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Link to Rolfstone.com with your personal affiliate link.

Earn money

Earn money

Earn 10% commission on every sale that gets made from your link!

General info

Recommend the Rolfstone Nova and earn with every order!
Simply post your custom affiliate link to Rolfstone.com on your website, app or social media account. Visitors who click on your custom affiliate link will be redirected to Rolfstone.com. Your custom affiliate link will track the visitor that has clicked on the link with a cookie. For every sale that gets made from a visitor from your affiliate link you’ll receive a commission. The cookie works for 30 days after a visitor has clicked the link. So even when this visitor does not immediately buys a product on Rolfstone.com but does this later on in this 30 day period you will still receive your commission.

For who is it?
Anyone with a website, app, blog or a large reach on social media is welcome to become a partner of Rolfstone.
Examples of ways to promote and link to Rolfstone:

  • Write an article or review on your website
  • Make a video review on YouTube
  • Share your thoughts about the Rolfstone Nova on Instagram with a picture, video or in your story
  • Share pictures or videos on your Facebook page / account
  • Share pictures or videos on your Snapchat account
  • Include the Rolfstone Nova in your app

How it works:
  1. You display your custom link via a picture, ad or link
  2. Potential customer clicks on your link
  3. Customer orders at Rolfstone.com
  4. You receives commission!
Your benefits
  • 10% commission per sale!
  • Cookie lifetime: 30 days
  • Support and advice from the Rolfstone Affiliate team
  • Individual solutions: We are happy to provide custom banners and graphics.

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When your commission on the sales that you have made exceeds €50 you will be able to request a payout. Payouts are possible 30 days after the sale has been made.

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We are happy to provide you extra content to help you with promoting the Rolfstone Nova on your platform. Make use of the the Rolfstone media, specially created for your platform. Click on your promotion platform below to download specific pictures, videos and more:

*Coming soon* / For now mail us at info@rolfstone.com for media and content.

  • Links
  • Banners
  • Rolfstone logo's
  • Story pictures
  • Story video
  • Wall video in 1080 x 1080
  • Wall pictures in 1080 x 1080
  • Rolfstone logo's
  • Story pictures
  • Story video
  • Wall video in 1080 x 1080
  • Wall pictures in 1080 x 1080
  • Rofstone logo's

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Social Media
Botting is forbidden.
Intercepting Rolfstone and customer interactions is forbidden.
Promoting expired, false or incorrect offers or information is forbidden.
All social media posts must be signed off by the Rolfstone team before being set live.
Boosting posts to target the Rolfstone social media audience is not allowed, neither is tagging or @ Rolfstone_sport_earbuds in a post.
Affiliates can only use social media to target their own organic audience and must not in any way attempt to target Rolfstone organic social media audience.

Images must be signed off by the Rolfstone Affiliate team before they are set live.
Images of out of stock or discontinued items are not to be promoted, it is up to the Affiliate to monitor if an item is out of stock or discontinued.

Ad Copy
All Adcopy relating to Rolfstone must be signed off by the Rolfstone Affiliate team.
Any expired offers or discounts that feature in ad copy are to be removed from site upon the moment of expiry, it is up to Affiliates to ensure expired discounts, products and irrelevant ad copy is not present on their environments.

Affiliates are not allowed to bid on Rolfstone terms without prior consent from the Rolfstone Affiliate team, any offenders will be suspended and all sales declined during the period bidding was live.

Bulk Orders
Rolfstone reserve the right to refuse commission on wholesale orders.

Affiliates must update ad copy that features in search engine page results to ensure it is consistent with the latest Rolfstone products, offers, discounts and vouchers, SEO headers and titles that appear in search should be updated to reflect the latest and most up to date offers and vouchers.

In line with the 28-day refund policy Rolfstone will not validate any sale until the refund period has expired.

Rolfstone reserve the right to withhold payment of commission on suspicious transactions and also reserve the right to determine what qualifies as suspicious.

Inactive Affiliates
Affiliates that fail to promote Rolfstone in some form and capacity or fail to register a click within any 60-day period may be removed from the programme without notice.

Notice and Action
Affiliates agree to action and remedy any request that brings them back in accordance with the Rolfstone brand terms in no less than 7 NL working days. Exceptions to this rule are at the Affiliate Account Managers discretion.

Brand Ambassadorship
By joining Rolfstone affiliates are presumed to have read and understood the state Rolfstone brand terms and to promote the brand with high esteem and diligence to ensure these terms are enforced at all times.

Breach of terms
Rolfstone reserve the right to withhold commission payments to any affiliate found to be in breach of these terms.

Getting started

  1. Fill in the form below to sign up .
  2. When you have done this you will receive a mail with a link to confirm your account.
  3. Click on this link and log in with your chosen login and password.
  4. You are now logged in to your personal dashboard:
  5. Here you can see your personal affiliate link which you can use to link to Rolfstone.com and to register sales made via this link:
  6. Below your custom link you can see how many people purchased a product through your affiliate link and you can see your commission on the sales:
  7. Once your commission earnings are over €50 we will payout your earnings via a bank transfer or PayPal.
  8. To receive your payment you need to go to your account page and fill in the info for your preferred payment setting.

This is all you need to know to setup your Rolfstone Affiliate account and to start earning money!

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+31 6 83993993
+31 6 83993993
Expect an answer during working hours.