Our story

We, Rolfstone, strive for a product and service of good quality. We are able to achieve this because we have full control over the design, marketing, the sale, and the service we provide. We would never leave anything up to chance.

In this article you can read all about who we are, where and how the earbuds are produced and what to expect from us once you purchase our product.

Are you left with any questions, comments or is there any other reason you want to speak with us? You can always contact us via WhatsApp, e-mail or give us a call.

Jos, Joris and Alfred

Who are we?

Jos Kneppers

When do use the Rolfstone Nova the most?
I often use the Rolfstone Nova while i’m driving on my way to the office to catch up on the news and when i’m cycling i like to listen to a good housemix. When it’s nice out it’s great to ride my bike to the beach while enjoying music with my earbuds.

What is your role in the company?
Setting up Rolfstone is, after we started selling the Vsoundbox in 2016, my second big adventure. Most of all I focus on the production of the earbuds, the quality of the service and I try out the best marketing strategies.

Joris Beerepoot

When do use the Rolfstone Nova the most?
I use the Rolfstone Nova a lot in public transport, in the car and during jogging!
Especially in the car I use the call function of the Rolfstone Nova a lot.
Daarnaast luister ik vaak naar de laatste hip-hop releases en naar podcasts. De 'Joe Budden Podcast' en 'Business Wars' podcasts zijn mijn favorieten. Ook luister ik geregeld naar house mixen van onder andere Kölsch op Soundcloud.

What is your role in the company?
My main focus is on everything that goes on online. I, for example, put together the website and am responsible for the material we use for the promotion, such as filming and editing the promotion videos. I also dedicate my time to exploring the possibilities of innovation for the Rolfstone Nova.

Alfred Bes

When do use the Rolfstone Nova the most?
I use the Rolfstone Nova earbuds during my runs and during my work behind the computer when I need to focus on what i’m doing. I am also a big fan of podcasts. One of my favorites is de NPR How I built this podcast and the dutch ‘eindbazen’ podcast. Because the Rolfstone Nova are wireless, I can also enjoy these while cooking, without having to think about my phone or the wires.

What is your role in the company?
I have a lot of experience in photography and am a graphic designer myself. All the photos on this website, our social media, our packaging are designed and made by me.

Dat is het mooie van het team waarin we werken: ieder heeft zijn specialisme en gezamenlijk kunnen we snel schakelen en mooie dingen maken.

Why did we start the Rolfstone?

How did we get the idea to create the earbuds?

Na het succesvol op de markt brengen van de Vsoundbox Bluetooth vibration speaker zijn we op zoek gegaan naar de nieuwe trends in de markt van draagbare muzikale elektronica. De nieuwste trend op de markt waren de volledig draadloze oordopjes.

Perfect voor het sporten, geen draadjes die meer in de weg zitten en een draadloze trend die zich overal laat zien. We geloofden vanaf de eerste test met een model draadloze oordopjes dat dit de toekomst is. Wij merken zelf ook dat wanneer je eenmaal gewend bent aan draadloze oordopjes je bijna niet meer terug kunt naar de ouderwetse oordopjes met draadjes.

"After a while we had like 30 different samples laying in our office!"

From an idea to a product

The next step was to get a little insight in what was already available on the market. We soon found out that there weren’t many options of wireless earbuds. The ones that were available were all quite expensive and didn’t even feature that great of a signal yet. We came across dozens of producers and different models of wireless earbuds. At one point we had stored 30 different kinds of wireless earbuds in our office. After a long search we ended with our current producer. Not only do they offer high quality materials, they are also very open about their methods. The company is based in Shenzhen, China. On this page we show how and where the Rolfstone Nova is being produced.

"The Rolfstone Nova was in 2018 one of the first true wireless earbuds on the Dutch market with Bluetooth 5.0"

Keep on improving

After we started working together with our manufacturer we started selling the earbuds in small quantities. We did this to test the market, see how the customers reacted and which questions they had. All this feedback that we get we take into account with our constant improvement of the earbuds. The technology is developing fast for true wireless earbuds and because we can work fast and efficient you will always get the latest technology in our earbuds. This way we were one of the first true wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 on the Dutch market.

An open way of doing business

We are an open company. That's why we are always open for feedback from our customers. We also want to be able to answer all the questions that we get from our customers, like: 'Where are the earbuds produced? What is the production process like?' A lot of other companies will only show the final product. We would like to do this different. We think it is important that the Rolfstone Nova is being produced in an honest way. To make sure of this we have visited our production partner from the beginning with every production run.

Every time when we were back in The Netherlands and talked about the production proces we noticed that our friends had a complete different view about this. To change this view we show where the Rofstone Nova is being produced and how this works.

Read and see everything about of the production of the Rolfstone Nova.

Direct to you

For the best service

We want to ship to our customers without any reseller, this way we can always guarantee a great product quality. That's why the earbuds are only available on this website...

Have we missed something during our quality contol or do you have a question? Then we can offer a solution faster than a traditional shop.

In a traditional retail shop it can quickly take up to a couple days before there is a solution when you have a problem with the product.

Here at Rolfstone we can check your product with only a ordernumber and follow up quicly with a solution. To make this process even easier you can contact us via WhatsApp, phone or mail.

We are experiencing the whole process of the Rolfstone Nova. From the production in Shenzhen, China till the shipment to you. So when you have a question when contacting us you will always have contact with an expert who knows everything about the Rolfstone Nova and that can always offer a solution.

For the lowest price

We can keep the cost of the product low and move faster because we don't use any external parties from the production to sales. This way we can also implement the latest technology faster in our products and we can deliver these for a competitive price.

See Rolfstone compared to a traditional retailer below:


What are our future plans?

We werken hard om de specialist op het gebied van volledig draadloze oordopjes te worden.

"We are working together with lots of international partners to make Rolfstone a worldwide brand!"

The first nationwide campaign with Qmusic has been launched late last year. After making Rolfstone well-known in Holland we want to expand our marketing strategy and try to launch soms international campagnes as well.

Want to take a look?

Ons kantoor is gevestigd in Heerhugowaard, vlakbij Alkmaar in de kop van Noord-Holland. Komt u toevallig in de buurt en wilt u even langskomen dan bent u van harte welkom.

Rolfstone kantoor locatie in Heerhugowaard