De Bluetooth 5.0 chips op het moederbord van de Rolfstone Nova draadloze oordopjes

Rolfstone Nova, how are they made?

Most customers only see a final product. But where are these products from and how are they made? We want to show this to our customers.

We think it is important that the Rolfstone Nova is being produced in an honest way. To make sure of this we have visited our production partner from the beginning with every production run.

Every time when we were back in The Netherlands and talked about the production proces we noticed that our friends had a complete different view about this. To change this view we show where the Rofstone Nova is being produced and how this works.

Jos in the factory in Shenzhen
De fabriek waar de Rolfstone Nova wordt geproduceerd Een medewerker die pauzeert

Where are the Rolfstone Nova earbuds produced?

For the Rolfstone Nova we are collaborating with a manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.

Shenzhen is one of the fastest growing cities on earth. The city is not even 40 years old and currently has around 11,5 million inhabitants. You can imagine that everytime we go there we aren still amazed. Specially with how fast everything is changing.

That the Rolfstone Nova are produced in Shenzhen is not that strange. Because for all the latest technology in consumer electronics you have to be in Shenzhen.

Het circuitbord van een Rolfstone Nova die wordt geprogrammeerd Rolfstone Nova echt draadloze oordopjes worden gecontroleerd

The partnership with our manufacturer

After a long search we found our manufacturer. We chose them because they deliver high quality are always on top of the latest developments in true wireless earbuds. On the area of these technological developments we can learn a lot from them. And in the area of usability and design they can learn from us, so it is a great partnership where both parties benefit.

De fabriek van onze partner staat in een buiten district van Shenzhen. In dit gebied staan meerdere fabrieken maar ook woningen met recreatieve mogelijkheden zoals tennisbanen en basketbalvelden zijn er te vinden. De werknemers van de fabriek wonen namelijk vaak in de buurt van de fabriek. De fabriek telt 40 werknemers en is in de laatste jaren, mede door de groeiende populariteit, gespecialiseerd in het assembleren van volledig draadloze oordopjes.

We are in constant contact with the manager of the manufacturer. Everytime we are there while production is starting we are helping with the proces. Working like this makes sure that we are constantly working on improving the production proces and makes sure that we can do the quality control ourselfves.

Thanks to the great collaboration we can also show the pictures of the production proces of the Rolfstone Nova and show it to our customers!

Rolfstone Nova, fabriek - Hier worden de oordopje gecontroleerd De Rolfstone Nova draadloze oordopjes worden voorzichtig in elkaar gezet De chips in de Rolfstone Nova volledig draadloze oordopjes

Developing the Rolfstone Nova

Together with the engineers we are always searching for ways to improve the Rolfstone Nova. The first step is to check if the latet technologies like Bluetooth 5.0 will fit in the small body of the earbuds. When this fits it is time to test. We test these first batch of samples ourselves. After that we produce a small batch of them which are being tested by third parties. Because of the direct partnership with our manufacturer we can quickly provide the latest tech for an affordable price.

De Rolfstone Nova echt draadloze oordopjes worden secuur in elkaar gezet De Rolfstone Nova draadloze oordopjes halverwege het productieproces De speakers in de Rolfstone Nova draadloze oordopjes worden gecontroleerd

The production proces, from a chip to a full product

The Rolfstone Nova earbuds are made out of 21 parts. These parts are all produced in Shenzhen by different specialised manufacturers. This is where the great infrastructure of Shenzhen shines. 21 different parts in such a small device requires precision. Because of the many small parts it is not possible yet to assemble them fully by machines. So the production of the earbuds requires more than 30 actions. After every action there is a quality control. And these controls are mostly done mechanically. So the whole production proces is requires a lot of knowledge and precision work. So it is definitely not like any other assembly line!

De drukknop van de Rolfstone Nova draadloze oordopjes worden in elkaar gezet De Rolfstone Nova volledig draadloze oordopjes worden getest De Rolfstone Nova draadloze oordopjes worden gecontroleerd

The daily life of the manufacturer employees

It is important to us to know and experience the working conditions of the employees who are doing the assembling. Of course it is still production work but the supervisors are keeping track that the employees are not working longer then they are supposed to.

A regular workweek is not that much else as we know in the West. A workweek in the assembling is normally 5 days a week, only during busy periods they are working extra on Saturdays. The workday starts around 8am and ends at 6pm.

One big difference are the breaks. The employees have a long break in the middle of the day of around 1.5 hours. During this break they have enough time to cook a warm lunch and to have a powernap afterwards. They learn this from when they are kids. So the first time we saw this we did not know what was happening as we never have those ourselves!

Have a look at the pictures to have an impression of the factory

De Rofstone Nova echt draadloze oordopjes worden getest op de kwaliteit Elke Rolfstone Nova speakers moeten slagen voor de kwaliteit test De Rolfstone Nova draadloze oordopjes worden getest op de verbinding kwaliteit
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