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Rolfstone Nova

Product description

5 hours of listening time on one charge
Enjoy up to 5 hours of continuing music playing time or watch your favourite series on the go. The earbuds are more effient thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 chip and use less battery. Because of this efficiency the earbuds have a long battery life and are still super small...

Automatic on, automatic connected!
When you get the earbuds out of the chargin case they will automatically turn on. Within 2 seconds the earbuds will connect with each other and will search for a music playing device. When you have been connected with the earbuds before and the Bluetooth on your device is on? Then they will automatically connect with that device!

Charge the earbuds on the go in the Charging Case
After enjoying your music place the earbuds back in the charging case. In the charging case is a battery which can recharge the earbuds up to 4 times on the go! Time to fully charge the earbuds takes around a one hour. When the light on the back of the charging case starts to blink it means that the charging case is almost empty. The charging case can be charged with the Micro-USB cable.

On the go charging, easy and safe with the magnets in the charging case
The earbuds will almost automatically placed in the charging case with the integrated magnets. These magnets will keep the earbuds in place. When you are on the go and want to take out the earbuds you don't have to worry about earbuds falling out of the charging case.

Watch videos and listen to music
Bekijk onderweg video’s en luister muziek. Door Bluetooth 5.0 zit er geen vertraging in het geluid waardoor je makkelijk video’s kan kijken!

Heavy bass and clear high tones
De Rolfstone Nova oordopjes zijn meer dan alleen volledig draadloos, ze klinken ook nog eens geweldig! De bass wordt zeer goed benadrukt en het dynamische geluid vormt de perfecte soundtrack voor je work-outs.

The earbuds stay in place during every sports!
The earbuds are tiny, have a silicon Wingtip on top and have 3 sizes of silicon eartips. The eartips come in the sizes Small, Medium and Large. Choose the size which fits you the best for an optimal sound and fit. The earbuds only weigh 4.5 gram per piece! Because the earbuds are so lightweight you can wear them for hours without them starting to irritate. The Rolfstone Nova earbuds are made for sports and therefore will stay perfectly in place during jogging, in the gym or with any other sport!

Universal: Rolfstone Nova works with every Bluetooth device
The Rolfstone Nova true wireless sport earbuds work with every Bluetooth device. So they work with every Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy’s, with alle model iPhones but also with tablets like the iPad, laptops and desktops.

Sweat and rain resistant
The Rolfstone Nova true wireless sport earbuds are IP64 certified. This means that the earbuds are dust and water splash resistant. So when you’re sporting you don’t have to worry about any sweat or raindrops that can come on the earbuds. Just wipe them off at the end of your sport session and you’re good to go!

Select the next track or pause your music without touching your smartphone
Play or pause the music by pressing the button on one of the earbuds once. Want to skip to the next track? Press the button twice. Want to listen to the previous track? Then press the button 3 times.

Handsfree: Pick up your phone withour every touching it
In beide oordopjes zit een microfoon. Zodra je de oordopjes gekoppeld hebt aan je telefoon en je wordt gebeld dan krijg je een melding. Neem het inkomende gesprek op door 1 keer op de knop te drukken van een van de oordopjes. Het geluid van de oproep komt uit beide oordopjes. De Active Noise Reduction technology filtert alle omgevingsgeluiden weg zodat je altijd goed verstaanbaar bent. Wil je de inkomende oproep afwijzen? Hou dan het knopje 2 seconden ingedrukt en luister automatisch weer verder naar je muziek.

In de doos

Twee oordopjes
Eartips S, M en L


Voeding en batterijduur
  • Afspeeltijd oordopjes (zonder bijladen): 5 uur
  • Afspeeltijd met oplaadcase: 20 uur
  • Volledig opladen oordopjes: 50 minuten
  • De oplaadcase laadt de oordopjes onderweg 4 keer opnieuw op
  • Volledig opladen oplaadcase: 1 uur
  • Stand-by tijd: 30 uur
  • Versie: 5.0
  • Afspeel afstand: 50 meter (zonder obstakels)
  • Alle apparaten met Bluetooth
  • Apple iPhones, iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy's
  • In beide oordopjes zit een microfoon
  • Beantwoord inkomende telefoon oproepen
  • Regenbestendig
  • Zweetbestendig
  • IP64 Certified
  • Oordopjes: 18 x 18 x 22 mm mm
  • Oplaadcase: 55 x 55 x 34 mm mm
  • Gewicht oordopjes: 4.5 gram
In de doos
  • Oplaadcase
  • 2 echt draadloze oordopjes
  • USB naar Micro USB kabel
  • Eartips 2 x Small, 2 x Medium en 2 x Large

Direct to you

For the best service

We want to ship to our customers without any reseller, this way we can always guarantee a great product quality. That's why the earbuds are only available on this website...

Have we missed something during our quality contol or do you have a question? Then we can offer a solution faster than a traditional shop.

In a traditional retail shop it can quickly take up to a couple days before there is a solution when you have a problem with the product.

Here at Rolfstone we can check your product with only a ordernumber and follow up quicly with a solution. To make this process even easier you can contact us via WhatsApp, phone or mail.

We are experiencing the whole process of the Rolfstone Nova. From the production in Shenzhen, China till the shipment to you. So when you have a question when contacting us you will always have contact with an expert who knows everything about the Rolfstone Nova and that can always offer a solution.

For the lowest price

We can keep the cost of the product low and move faster because we don't use any external parties from the production to sales. This way we can also implement the latest technology faster in our products and we can deliver these for a competitive price.

See Rolfstone compared to a traditional retailer below:



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